07 November 2009


Am I the only one who is really getting bored with the motorbike-chick look ?
It seems like every other girl has invested in a leather jacked, biker-boots, ribbed leggings and a 70´s band T-shirt. I´m not saying that I completely hate the look, cause I´ve adopt it myself and got some great garment like my leather jacked, over-knee high boots, striped tights etc. But when I was sitting at the dentist office the other day, next to 14 years old girl wearing similar outfit I thougt it was time to change and mix it up !
So, now I´m looking for an inspiration and I´m really color-open minded at the moment.
Inspiration for the day, once again, the lovely Susie bubble:

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  1. I ve met her and I love her blog!she is always amazing!!