26 February 2010


Source:Altamira NYC
I´m not a big fan of jeans and I never have. But when I see these beautiful girls wear jeans and make look both cool and classy, I´m suddenly craving for one.


Soon my hair will be as long as this and THEN I´m going to wear braids

23 February 2010

Random Tuesday

I feel so empty. I have been sick for over two weeks and barely gone out of the house. Tomorrow, things will change and I´m going to live my life again.

11 February 2010


Alexander McQueen

01 February 2010

Charlotte Ronson Campaign

Christine Centenera

Yes, I love her too. The gorgeous Christine Centenera. Only 27 years old and she´s the fashion editor of Australian Harper's Bazaar. Something I want to be when I´m 27.

Source; You are a shooting star